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Company "TFG Vacations India Pvt Ltd"
TFG Vacations India Pvt Ltd
TFG is a great company to work from home is made easy by TFG. It is very good website for earning money online .this can be accessed both thr
2021-01-24 10:05:21
TFG is a great company to work from home is made easy by TFG. It is very good website for earning money online .this can be accessed both through laptop and less and earn more.It is good website for part time job seekers.they even train you about how to work. Just by spending two to three hours in a day to work helps you to make money .To start your career as part timer TFG is one of the best option.
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Company "CD Soft Consulting India Pvt Ltd"
CD Soft Consulting India Pvt Ltd
Friendly environment
2020-08-29 10:15:42
Good Place to learn. Friendly environment. GOOD BOSS. Ontime salaries. Can balance personnel life and work life
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Company "Morpheus Human Consulting"
Morpheus Human Consulting
Affordable Franchise Business
2020-04-13 12:57:34
I was searching for a good business opportunity that will give me a good amount of money while I am working from home. that's when I came across Morpheus Consulting Franchise business model.
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2020-03-09 14:53:02
awesome platform to earn fat money for really honest and hard working people
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Company "ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd"
ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd
Good place for learning New technologies
2019-01-29 16:11:29
Toxsl is a great place to work and it could be a life-changing opportunity for people who would like to achieve a great career. Great place to get started on a Software development career. Helpful associates help you succeed in every way possible. Everyone here to help you succeed.
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Company "Sharda Consultancy Services"
Sharda Consultancy Services
Best Consultancy for freelance recruiter work from home.
2019-01-03 23:30:17
Sharda Consultancy services is one of the best Consultancy for freelance recruiter work from home job.
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Company "Subtly Tree technologies Pvt Ltd"
Subtly Tree technologies Pvt Ltd
Friendly environment conducive for productivity in work.
2018-09-29 06:56:39
Good work culture Employee benefits Good infrastructure Growth Job security No smoking zone and not disclosed before joining. Management is unprofessional.
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Company "Zen E Edu Services LLP"
Zen E Edu Services LLP
2018-07-04 08:28:36
It was a very unstable company any time it could run out of business. It has good employees from good colleges but business model and management is bad.
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Company "Alroz Aviation"
Alroz Aviation
shit atmosphere here they dont have value for what they speak
2017-11-15 12:24:54
Its simply making other fool in a positive way and taking out money from them its simply nthg but a consultancy running a business and harrasing others they know how to make people fool with all what they speak and take money no proper cordination or conversation or management
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