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Overall company assessment "ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd"

Overall rating

Reviews about the company ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd

Good place for learning New technologies
Toxsl is a great place to work and it could be a life-changing opportunity for people who would like to achieve a great career.
Great place to get started on a Software development career. Helpful associates help you succeed in every way possible. Everyone here to help you succeed.
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2019-01-29 16:11:29
Good Company to start your career
I started my career with this company as an IOS Developer Trainee and worked for more than 1.8 years with the organization. I learned a lot from management people, employees and HR team during my candidature. I am really thankful to all. This is a great company. The employees are extremely friendly, and the office has a very professional, yet relaxing vibe to it
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2019-01-29 16:05:02
cheap CEO
CEO behaves like dogs towards his employees
-Very low Salary ever
-No learning, only freshers and less then 1 year experienced employee
-Always Blackmail clients and ask for extra $ or we will not complete the projects , and when they pay he ask for more and more
- Always ask the client to make good review while the project is in process
and not finished !
-Once last payment is done from client, they will close the project without handling it over to client
- When the client do good review the management starts Blackmailing process and they can go to the moon to get more extra $ without any ethics
-Worst organization in Mohali ever and maybe in all around India
-Money won't buy you respect. You need to respect employees
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2017-09-14 15:42:53
rude CEO
I worked at ToXSL Technologies full-time (Less than a year)
No reason to work here as this company is good for nothing
The name of the company should be toxic instead of toxsl
CEO lacks mannerisms to talk to the employees and treats his employees as dogs.He takes hell lot of work and refuses to give salary giving a false statement of poor performance .Even the company is famous in the nearby police-station because of the ill attitude of the management towards the employees.
Advice to Management
Change the name of your company from toxsl to toxic,it realy suits and CEO of this company need to learn the right etiquettes to address his employees.
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2017-08-18 06:06:15
Very nice company's environment for freshers
Manager is with excellent expertise and experience. He really cares for my development and gives great advice all the time. Feel free and welcomed to talk about new ideas. The people here are great to work with. Comfortable working style.
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2016-04-14 05:15:08

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