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Average salary in Hyderabad for the last 12 months

The bar chart shows the change in average salary in Hyderabad.

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10 popular branches by number of vacancies in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad the most claimed specialist of IT Jobs. According to our site`s statistics the number of vacancies in this branch is 11.9% from total number of suggestions in Hyderabad.

Branches rating by salary in Hyderabad

The highest paid category in Hyderabad is Loans. The average salary in the category is 129185 INR.

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Сompanies rating by the number of vacancies in the Hyderabad

Oracle is the biggest employer of the number of open vacancies in Hyderabad. According to our site`s statistics in Oracle company are opened 939 vacancies.

Popular professions rating in Hyderabad in 2020 year

Data Entry Operator is the most popular profession in Hyderabad. According to data of our Site, the number of vacancies is 25. The average salary of Data Entry Operator is 48077 INR

Highly paid professions rating in Hyderabad

The highly paid profession in the Hyderabad is Data Entry Operator. According to data of our website, the average salary is 124074 INR. In the second place - Showroom Sales Executive with salary - 11601 INR, and the third - Back Office Executive with salary 6981 INR.