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Great people to work with
The management here helps out on machines, a good salary, decent benefits. The company is very family oriented. The owners take pride in this company and make visits quite frequently. In general, work culture is very great.
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2016-04-04 12:54:25
Honeywell is a good place
Honeywell is a good place. It offers stable and innovative products to work on. The working schedule is good. Flexible working hours. Co-workers are good and I learned a lot from them. I like the helping nature of my co-workers.
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2015-06-11 17:25:36
Good salary and various benefits
I’m happy with the position at Honeywell. There are two advantages that attracted me most of all: good salary and various benefits and it is close to my house. The working environment is also rather satisfactory. Decent job for decent money.
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2015-04-27 21:18:50
Honeywell gives a good start
I liked working with in this company and the location is good. It’s a large corporation with good salaries. I really mastered my professional skills here, as I started my career here, and I would recommend everyone to do the same, as Honeywell gives a good start.
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2015-04-11 11:59:05
Stringent working environment
This is a very good job and I learned a lot there. The managers of the lower level are good to work with. Stringent working environment, high productivity requirements with aims to be fulfilled constantly. The co-workers are friendly and helpful. I like that we have a lot of teamwork within the department. The only cons is shift work and work on holidays, but the money is good.
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2015-01-03 07:42:05

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