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I work here for a month, and I like it. Great staff, a wonderful leader. I was happy with everything, and most importantly, this work does not bother. If you have a question - to work or not, come and answer it yourself. Do not rely on someone else's opinion.
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2016-08-31 02:16:32
Many opportunities to learn and work
It is a great place to learn a lot and you will have many opportunities in this organization. It is the best place to learn and work. The staff is very efficient, professional and supportive. Even the Senior managers try to assist you in any working issues.
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2015-06-19 18:12:20
Have fun at work
Genpact is a great workplace with good environment, good management and fun at work. The conditions are very good but the pay structure could be better. And I don’t like shift timing changes.
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2015-06-17 13:12:19

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