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I’ve become more open thanks to this company
Thanks to the company, I learned the secrets of team work, how to deal with my coworkers, how to come out of comfort zones, the nuances of public speaking, group discussions. Now I’m ready to take initiative without any hesitation.
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2016-08-30 11:48:00
The company offers good work-life balance
What I really like about my job is the flexibility of schedule and working from home policy. The company offers good work-life balance. Rapidly changing technologies are also among the benefits of the company, as well as the possibility to get to learn a lot. However, the salary can be higher.
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2015-06-03 11:44:50
Experience and survival
I’m glad that my skills of Cross-functional process improvement, ability to innovate and bring various parties together to create shared goals and solutions, strong analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills were really appreciated in the Cisco. I like working in a challenging environment where my education, experience and exposure are used to add value to the company as well as groom myself as a professional.
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2015-03-02 18:22:16
the presence of a strong trade union organization
On the positive side is the presence of a strong trade union organization set up by employees with experience in it for more than 5 years. The union is independent of the employer, has its own resources for the “instruction” of the employer (including the shareholders and the headquarters of Cisco Systems in the USA) on the path of legitimate work.
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2015-02-01 14:12:15

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